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Drisana Amineh Ayieshia drisana at
Wed Apr 8 10:35:29 PDT 1998

I was working on the Queens Guard favors to be sewn on their sash and
recieved a very nice blue and white cresent  pincushion with several needles
in it...this was a great thank you for all of us working on the
favors...this was the first time I had recieved a stitching related item and
was very nice...I get compliments when I travel to places outside of
I will look forward to helping you out and getting the newsletter

I remain in service,

Drisana Amineh Ayieshia
First wife to Haji Khalid ibn Haroun al-Aqrab abu Yusef
ICQ #412273
I count not a day complete till needle thread and fabric do meet!!!
keep your needles threaded, your floss sorted and your stash growing!!


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