SCA/Queen's Treasure Chest Re: HNW - Guild Newsletter

Larsdatter, Karen Karen at
Wed Apr 8 18:11:05 PDT 1998

> In reply to your question regarding the Queen's Treasure Chest (SCA
> related), several years ago Mistress Jania of Call Duck Manor came up with
> this wonderful idea for collecting handmade items over time, storing them in
> a wooden chest,  and making them available on a moment's notice to Their
> Majesties for presenting to others during their royal travels near and far.

<much snippage> ;)

This is a neat idea!  If the local SCA needlework groups out here 
ever get that organized, perhaps we shall do just such a thing :)

Out here in Atlantia (mid-Atlantic region of the SCA), there are 
occasional competitions held, where all items entered go into just 
such a treasure chest.  In addition to needlework, one sees small 
boxes, leather pouches, even jewelry that gets donated to the 
"treasure chest."


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