HNW - Knitted Stockings

Nancy Gilly / Philippa Grey philippa.grey at
Sun Apr 12 19:15:14 PDT 1998

At 12:25 8-4-98 -0700, Chris Laning wrote:

>I scanned the photo in Rutt and enlarged it as much as I could -- it's a
>good sharp photo -- and what he refers to as the "trellis" framing of the
>lozenges looks like two stitches wide to me. But I haven't actually tried
>to knit up a sample yet. It's a bit confusing, because the cuff that shows
>best in the photo is inside out, so you are actually trying to count lines
>of recessed knit stitches rather than purls.

I did knit a trial piece several years ago, and only two stiches really
just doesn't look right.  When I did the trellis with three stitches it
matched the picture exactly.  I also found that the you have to twist the
stitches when making the second eyelet hole to get the symmetrical
appearance that the original stockings have.



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