HNW - knit a silk tunic? ;-)

Dick Eney dickeney at
Mon Apr 13 15:54:07 PDT 1998

On Sat, 11 Apr 1998, Helen and Bennie Brown wrote:

> > I'm told that January 30, 1999 will be the 350th anniversary of the
> > execution of King Charles I of England.  <snip> does anybody think
> > it would be appropriate to knit a replica?
> > 
> > If we start right away, we could have a competition - Best Replica of
> > Charlie's Sweater...
> >
> > =Tamar
> > 
>  Sound good to me.  Where do I find a pattern?

_Mary Thomas's Book of Knitting Patterns_ (Dover reprint) gives the
brocade knit-purl patterns for the yoke, the yoke border, and the body,
and shows a photograph.  Richard Rutt _A History of Hand Knitting_ says
that it was knitted in the round, from the hem up and from the wrist up,
with the shoulders grafted (kitchener stitch) and the sleeves neatly
seamed in.  He also said it was knitted at 8 1/2 stitches per centimeter,
in skyblue silk.

Rutt didn't specify whether the chest and back were knitted flat or
whether the whole thing was knitted in the round and then slits cut in it. 
Also neither of them said what the hem pattern is; it looks like a fairly
simple checkered pattern, which was commonly used at the time.  Both books
show a photograph of the garment. 

>From the photo, I think the button placket on the yoke and the henley-size
collar have something sewn onto the back to stiffen them.

BTW, unless somebody knows a really cheap source of sky blue silk knitting
yarn in that gauge, I'm not entering the contest.  :-)  It would be like
knitting a dress out of embroidery floss.

A swatch, maybe.



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