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>I have found a few that I think will work (or that I could Make work, which
>is quite different), but I don't want to have to buy several programs, test
>them out, and then return the ones that don't work out for me.  Does anyone
>out there have anything that works for them?  I'm not really interested in
>the programs that turn photos into designs and that's most of what I'm

Sometimes you can get demo copies of software -- generally they are full-
featured, except you cannot save anything you create.   When I was looking for
a design program, I bought all the needlework magazines I could find with ads
in them, and wrote each company for information.  I didn't specifically ask
for demo copies, but got one or two anyway.  I use Stitchcrafts, which is
mostly "fill in the squares" (cross stitch or needlepoint) and backstitches (I
use it for blackwork, but it does not allow a "knight's move" stitch <over two
and down one, for instance>).  I needed it for macintosh, and many are just
ibm format.  

One designer I know uses "Canvas" , which is not actually a needlework
program, but an art/drawing program.  This is mostly for showing how to do
stitches, rather than charting, though.  She created the backgrounds she wants
(such as a drawing of a woven fabric), then puts the pictures of stitches and
needles as needed on the next layer up.

Have fun looking!
Melinda Sherbring, Los Angeles  (EowynA at
(Eowyn Amberdrake, Caid)


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