HNW - Computer design programs

BaronGiles BaronGiles at
Wed Apr 15 14:46:54 PDT 1998

I use PatternMaker Pro, for the PC, which does allow 'knight's move' -one
over, two down- charting.  In fact, you can connect any intersection with any
other interesection.

The program supports cross stitch charting by colored "X" or by colored
symbol, or b&w symbol.  It supports backstitch along the grid lines (perfect
for blackwork).  you can also do half stitches from any intersection into the
center of the square.

All the standard features (move, cut, copy, paste, rotate, flip) work
intuitively.  There's also a handy import feature that lets you convert a
scanned image into a crosswork pattern, after specifing the number of colors
you want to use.

I really like it, and will provide contact information for the manufacturer
upon request.

Gyldenholt,  Caid

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