HNW - Voided Foreground Embroidery

Linn Skinner skinner02 at
Wed Apr 15 18:12:12 PDT 1998

Kathleen has been researching this embroidery for sometime now and I've been
having a serious go at it for over a year now.

She's far ahead of me as I'm still just looking at examples, primary design
book sources and charting.  Voided ground is an ancient technique with its
roots in our earliest decorative motifs.  We are fascinated by the
negative/positive look at design and I have found examples in virtually
every culture's embroidery that I have examined so far.  One of these days
I'll get my nose out of the V&A and the British Museum and start writing.
Until then, I'll be pleased to others bringing this wonderful design
technique to everyone's attention.



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