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Dick Eney dickeney at
Thu Apr 16 09:47:32 PDT 1998

On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Deborah Pulliam wrote:

> The blue silk shirt/vest (so called because it's the British term for what
> Americans call undershirts) was knit in the round up to the armscye, and
> then knitted back and forth up to the shoulders, the placket fronts being
> knit separately (but not cut). The buttonhole side does have silk tape or
> fabric as a backing, but the neck edge does not; it's simply knitted for
> several rows and then cast off. Although Rutt says the shoulders are
> grafted, he's using it in the sense that the stitches from front and back
> were worked together (as opposed to cast off and then sewn together.)
> Kitchener stitch was *not* used.
> The buttons are basketstitch woven over wooden bases; there are 13
> buttonholes (maybe had something to do with when/why Charles wore it?!?)

Thanks!  ... Were the shoulders grafted using one of the techniques used
on fisherman's sweaters/jumpers/guernseys?

I wonder why the photo in Rutt seems to show a line of hand-sewing
stitching around the base of the neck?  Maybe a fault of the print job in
the volume the library has. 



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