HNW - knit a silk tunic? ;-)

Drisana Amineh Ayieshia drisana at
Sat Apr 18 09:22:56 PDT 1998

hmmm why not use some of the new silk floss that is out or the nice new baby
yarns???? they seem to be very soft and thin??? hmmm I was thinking of maybe
trying to do this in a smaller size say for a small child or doll??? what do
you think??? well its worth trying in the small size which shouldnt cost to
much oohh how I wish Mistress Lynette had shown me how to grow my own
silkworms and spin the thread but I was tooo busy trying to do to many other
things guess that will teach me...

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Drisana Amineh Ayieshia
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I count not a day complete till needle thread and fabric do meet!!!
keep your needles threaded, your floss sorted and your stash growing!!


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