HNW - knit a silk tunic? ;-)

Dick Eney dickeney at
Sun Apr 19 10:58:18 PDT 1998

On Sat, 18 Apr 1998, Drisana Amineh Ayieshia wrote:

> hmmm why not use some of the new silk floss that is out or the nice new
> baby yarns???? they seem to be very soft and thin??? hmmm I was thinking
> of maybe trying to do this in a smaller size say for a small child or
> doll??? what do you think??? well its worth trying in the small size
> which shouldnt cost to much

At 8.5 stitches per centimeter... even with size 0000 and crochet thread,
the best I ever did was 12 stitches/inch.  Do that for an entire tunic?  I
counted out the number of stitches for the number of motifs, etc, and the
original tunic seems to have been sized for a slender person about the
size of an active teenager - woman's size 12 in jeans.  But I'd still have
to knit at 16 stitches to the inch to make the replica fit me (and my
average is more like 5 stitches to the inch, which would make an exact
replica fit Godzilla).  (BTW, 16 st/inch is reported as the standard for
16th century stockings.)

I think in a much larger gauge, such as fingering yarn at 6 stitches/inch,
adjusted for very few motifs, it would make a lovely sweater for a small



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