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Janelle Heron janelleh at
Sun Apr 19 18:56:35 PDT 1998

Hi there everyone,

A few years ago, I was in a craft shop and found (but didn't
immediately buy) a book devoted to the embroidery of Mary, Queen of Scots.
Now I want to buy the book, I discover the shop has gone out of

I was wondering if anyone else on this list knew of a book like this, and
could give me the title, author etc.  Failing that, could anyone give me
ideas about where to find good colour pictures of the Oxburg Hangings.
I already have "Traditional Embroidered Animals" by Sarah Don, and the V&A
Textile Book 1200-1750.

I will need full bibliographic details and probably ISBN numbers.  I'm in
Australia, and will probably need to order the book.  If I'm lucky, I
might find it in a library.

			thanks for your time.


- --------------------
Janelle Heron
janelleh at


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