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Mon Apr 20 07:20:30 PDT 1998

Dear  Janelle-

Linn gave you the full info on the Margaret Swain book -- it truly is the
best for this subject. I have been tracking down various journal articles
by John L.  Nevinson on the subject of the Oxburgh Hangings. He  was quite
an expert in the field of domestic English needlework of the 16th and 17th
centuries. Believe me, the Swain book is one of the few sources with very
good b&w as well as color plates of the various motifs.

I would also suggest trying to find the following books via Inter Library
Loan or a used book seller:

        "A Treasury of Embroidery Designs-- Charts and Patterns from the
Great Collections" by Gill Speirs and Sigrid Quemby
        I am currently working out recharting the design for "A Tiger". The
book also has a hexagon panel of a Palm Tree.

        "V&A  Needepoint Collection" by Karen Elder. There is one page
showing color plates of: A Crocodile, A Tiger, A Camel, and A   Bird of
America. Ms. Elder has charted the Crocodile and A Frogge for needlepoint,
in her brand of wool. I bought this book        remaindered as its full
price was $40.00.

I have been collecting charts from  books and color pictures, and have
worked the "Knotted Serpents" panel from the Sarah Don book. I have hopes
of working about one dozen motifs and mounting them as a valance on my
Renaissance style poster bed. I was also thinking of making my charts
eventually available as a pamphlet.

If you are working on such a project, I'd be happy to scrap mine (I'm
working on two other books) and supply  you with what I have. Email me
privately and we can talk!

Can I interest you in doing table carpet charts????? <g> I've been begging
the List for months to find someone to do this.

- --Kathryn
SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries..too little time"

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