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Marquis de Kipar kipar at
Sun Apr 26 16:26:49 PDT 1998

Dear Vickie,

> I've been lurking in the backgound of this list for some time.  Now I have a problem and 
> need help.  I'm trying to find information on the origins of couching or laidwork.  Does 
> anyone have some sources, website, etc. on this type of eary needlework.  I'm also 
> trying my hand at using metallic threads.  Any information I can get is welcome. 

Have a look at the Regia Anglorum website. There you'll find a page 
on early embroidery, plus some line drawings and designs.
The URL is:

Good luck!
P.S. Soon there will be a page on Early Medieaval Embroidery, when we 
find actually time to finish it...

Marquis Nicole(as) de Kipar
Leader - L'Age d'Or
The Age of the Sun King 1638-1725
kipar at

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