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<< I'm trying to find information on the origins of couching or laidwork.
 anyone have some sources, website, etc. on this type of eary needlework.  I'm
 trying my hand at using metallic threads.  Any information I can get is
 I'm trying to trace back the origins and the patterns that might have been
used for 
 couching or laidwork.  I've read that the early celts used "colored threads"
to decorate 
 their clothing and am trying to envision what kind of designs they might have

Schuette - Pictorial History of Embroidery
Symonds & Preece - Needlework through the Ages
Jones - History of Western Embroidery
Synge - Antique Needlework

For designs, check out existing sculpture, carvings, illumination, woodwork,

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