HNW - Of cartridge pleated skirts on Italian Renaissance gowns

Charlene Charette charlene at
Mon Apr 27 02:39:52 PDT 1998

While this request is technically beyond the scope of this list, it's been very
quiet lately so I won't ask that you to take it elsewhere unless I get a lot of

However, Cynthia, cartridge pleated was recently discussed to death on the
costuming list.  Does anyone have the address for the archives?

- --Charlene, list maintainer and trying to be flexible

Cynthia J Ley wrote:

> Greetings all from a newcomer to your list.  (Thanks, Regina!) :-)
> I am making an Italian Ren gown, of the type where the skirt is made of
> two panels which attach to the side-laced bodice and is itself not sewn
> together at the very top, leaving a side slit. The skirt will of course
> be cartridge pleated. I was wondering if some kind soul here could lend
> me some advice on the best way to set the skirt into the bodice pieces.
> Thank you in advance,
>                         Arlys o Gordon (SCA, Dragon's Mist, An Tir)


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