HNW - Couching or Laidwork

Cynthia Long keltia at
Mon Apr 27 06:35:32 PDT 1998

> I've been lurking in the backgound of this list for some time.  
> Now I have a problem and need help.  I'm trying to find information 
> on the origins of couching or laidwork.

While I wish I knew *much* more than I do about this, what I 
do know is that the Bayeaux Tapestry (really an embroidery)
was done around the time of William the Conqueror (heck it's
about him).  He invaded at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.  So
this is pretty far back.  And it is laidwork.

I just saw a very short article describing the newest edition
to this masterpiece.  Although the "tapestry" is already 230
feet long, the final segment of the story was missing.  A woman
(wish I could remember her name) researched her butt off and
did her own ending.  It was (maybe it still is) displayed in
France with the original.  France was most pleased with her

I would search for info on the Bayeaux Tapestry.


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