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BaronGiles BaronGiles at
Mon Apr 27 19:55:07 PDT 1998

Dawn asked:
> Has anyone had any knowledge of use of the information in the New carligian 
> modelbook? I have visited the website but am not sure if it is for me.. the 
> beginning embroiderer.

Yes, and am happy to unreservedly recommend it.  Like most (all that I've
seen) period embroidery source books, it simply provides _patterns_ that may
be used for many different types of embroidery:  crossstitch, tentwork (aka
needlepoint), assissi, blackwork, and so on.

If you're looking for a book to _learn_ embroidery from I'd recommend one of
the popular manuals, like those published by Reader's Digest or DMC or one of
the craft magazines you buy in hobby stores.  (That is, of course, if you
don't have a captive embroider in your neighborhood.)

Gyldenholt, Caid
(Orange County, California)

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