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Mon Apr 27 17:45:18 PDT 1998

Cynthia wrote:

> I just saw a very short article describing the newest edition
> to this masterpiece.  Although the "tapestry" is already 230
> feet long, the final segment of the story was missing.  A woman
> (wish I could remember her name) researched her butt off and did her
> own ending.  It was (maybe it still is) displayed in France with the
> original.  France was most pleased with her work.
> I would search for info on the Bayeaux Tapestry.

The folks that worked this up are at Renaissance Wools ... they even 
re-created the wools used in the original tapestry, down to the 
combinations of dyes.  I've been trying to track 'em down so I can 
get samples of the wools ... wouldn't that be fabulous for a 
working Bayeux-style tapestry?  :)  An article about this work was in 
a recent issue of MARY HICKMOTT'S NEW STITCHES.  As I recall, 
Renaissance Wools has something to do with the Madeira company.

If you check out the Atlantian KMoAS links page 
( I have a couple of 
webpages which deal with topics on medieval and renaissance 
embroidery ... the best page I've read yet with detailed "how-to" on 
the style of embroidery on the Bayeux tapestry is at and is part of the Regia 
Anglorum pages.


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