HNW - period embroidery books

Cynthia Long keltia at
Mon Apr 27 09:58:23 PDT 1998

Please, more exact detail on this book? Actual title, author,
ISBN etc...  Much appreciated!  Cynthia

BaronGiles wrote:
> Dawn asked:
> > Has anyone had any knowledge of use of the information in the New carligian
> > modelbook? I have visited the website but am not sure if it is for me.. the
> > beginning embroiderer.
> Yes, and am happy to unreservedly recommend it.  Like most (all that I've
> seen) period embroidery source books, it simply provides _patterns_ that may
> be used for many different types of embroidery:  crossstitch, tentwork (aka
> needlepoint), assissi, blackwork, and so on.

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