HNW - period embroidery books

Cynthia J Ley cley at
Mon Apr 27 23:23:26 PDT 1998

Greetings. I play at embroidery and so am nowhere near as knowledgeable
as most of you out there, but split stitch and stem stitch are both of
the period you mention and very easy to do.

What medium are you using? (DMC, cotton, silk?)

I'm working on a lot of split stich projects right now--one to highlight
a pattern in a printed fabric; all the others are drafted heraldic
devices, one done in DMC cotton floss and the others in flat silk (two
totally different techniques). The results are spectacular.


Dawn writes, in part:

>I am in search of books that might tell me techniques that were period 
>950-1376 being the absolute beginning embroiderer I am very interested
in >people's comments. I have been working on a favor for my 
>husband/knight using just basic embroidery techniques but am ready to 
>move on! Any help would be appreciated! 

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