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Tue Apr 28 00:51:35 PDT 1998

On Mon, 27 Apr 1998, BaronGiles wrote:

> If you're looking for a book to _learn_ embroidery from I'd recommend one of
> the popular manuals, like those published by Reader's Digest or DMC or one of
> the craft magazines you buy in hobby stores.  (That is, of course, if you
> don't have a captive embroider in your neighborhood.)
> Giles

The big book about needlework by Reader's Digest is good, but I have
another recommendation to make.

One of my favorite books about emboridery is "The Stitches of Creative
Embroidery" by Jaqueline Enthoven.  It shows how to do the stitches, going
from the simple to the complex (roughly) and also includes lots of ideas
for using the stitches.  Lots and lots of illustrations (even a couple of
period portraits!)  I have been embroidering for many years and this is a
reference I go back to again and again, for ideas and for new stitches.  I
would recommend it for beginners and experienced needleworkers alike.  

I picked up my copy in a flea market/thrift shop for about 6 dollars; I
have no idea if it's still in print.  The publisher is Van Nostrand
Reinhold Company; copyright date 1964; Library of Congress Catalog Number

Happy stitching!

Ever in Service,

Lady Ceridwen ferch Taliesin of Eglwysbach


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