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I'd say that if you want to learn techniques AND you're trying to stick
to a specific time period, then you'd probably end up needing both "The
New Carolignian Modelbook," (which I highly recommend, I've used bits of
it for various projects now) and an "all-purpose how-to" embroidery book.
You should be warned that the NCMB has only patterns, not stitch

The books that have already been suggested are good sources. There is
also "Erica Wilson's Embroidery Book" (1973, Charles Scribner's Sons, New
York). It has both excellent instructions for specific stitches,
historical examples of types of embroidery and ideas on how to create
your own pieces of embroidered art.  I just got my own copy and am
thrilled to bits with it. It is still available from some sources. I also
have a book called "The Proper Stitch" by Darlene O'Steen (c1994, Symbol
of excellence press, isbn 0932437036) which gives very clear instructions
for counted thread embroidery.  It's good, but you probably need a more
general book first. 

You might want to try your local public library before you go out and
purchase the all-purpose type of book.  If you don't have a good public
library for a resource, I suggest that you try looking at Hard to Find
Needlework Books. ( I am merely a
satisfied customer of hers, not a sales person, or anything.

If you need a more thorough bibliography of embroidery books, please
e-mail me privately and I'll see what I can get you.  


<excerpt>I am in search of books that might tell me techniques that were
period  950-1376 being the absolute beginning embroiderer I am very
interested in people's comments. I have been working on a favor for my
husband/knight using just basic embroidery techniques but am ready to
move on! Any help would be appreciated! Also books that show me how to do
these techniques and simple projects. Has anyone had any knowledge of use
of the information in the New carligian modelbook? I have visited the
website but am not sure if it is for me.. the beginning embroiderer. Many
of the names for the techniques that I am coming across are unfamiliar..
I suppose that's why I am looking for good books.. right? Thank you for
you help and time!



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