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>Dawn asked:
>> Has anyone had any knowledge of use of the information in the New
>> modelbook? I have visited the website but am not sure if it is for me..
>> beginning embroiderer.

I do have a book to recommend on embroidery stitches.  Personally, I am
UNfamiliar with the New Carligian Model book.  BUT, the book I have to
recommend is:  _The Stitches of Creative Embroidery_  by Jacqueline
Enthoven, published by Schiffer (ISBN: 0-88740-111-2)  I ordered this book
directly from the publisher because it was difficult to find locally.  They
can be reached at: 610-593-1777 in PA.  One might be blessed to find it
locally though....  This book has an incredible assortment of stitches,
diagrams and photos (some color) and I use it for the embroidery course I
am enrolled in.  I have no affilliation with the publisher or author.  Hope
this helps you.



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