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<< I am in search of books that might tell me techniques that were period
950-1376 being the absolute beginning embroiderer I am very interested in
people's comments. I have been working on a favor for my husband/knight using
just basic embroidery techniques but am ready to move on! Any help would be
appreciated! Also books that show me how to do these techniques and simple
projects. Has anyone had any knowledge of use of the information in the New
carligian modelbook? I have visited the website but am not sure if it is for
me.. the beginning embroiderer. Many of the names for the techniques that I am
coming across are unfamiliar.. I suppose that's why I am looking for good
books.. right? Thank you for you help and time!
I have the New Carolignian Modelbook, at least the one that is put out by the
outlaw press.  (I think it is by Ianthe d'av...something-or-another;s SCA name
) and I really enjoy it.  A good majority of the patterns are post 1376
though.  The book does tell you various techiques, and I beleive the book also
tells you what type of stitch the design was originally worked in.  What i
really like about it is that it lists the patterns by time, place, as well as
alphabetically. I am also a begining embroiderer, and the majority of the
patterns are not in my SCA time period either, but I still like it a whole
bunch:-)  (Just my opinion!)  Sorry I can't be more specific, but my books and
computer have different homes.  
Hope I helped,
Aeleis Roscelin de Foxcote
(MKA Karen Mann)

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