HNW - period embroidery books

Siban Siban at
Tue Apr 28 21:03:41 PDT 1998

Hello all, 

I just thought I would throw in a couple of other options.  One of the best
books I have found it Pamela Warner's book entitled:  Embroidery: A History.
This is an expensive book but still in print.  YOu can surely find it in your
local library also.  It is illustrated too.

The other book is a how to book.  It is Marion Nichols Encyclopedia of
Embroidery Stitches including Crewel.  This book has clear and easy
instructions and is broken down into classes of the stitches.  It has pictures
of what the front and back of the stitches should look like as well as the
rhythm of the work.  This is an excellent teaching tool. 

Lastly, I don't remember who it was looking for information for a beginner
embroiderer on the web but if you go to our household site
( you will find a
couple of articles I have written to help those just starting out.  They might
help get you started at least.

Hope this helps in your quest.


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