HNW - Book recommendation for period embroidery

Stephanie M. Thorson smt2 at
Thu Apr 30 01:12:32 PDT 1998

On Wed, 29 Apr 1998, Linn Skinner wrote:

> containing the cover illustration is open to that page and can be found in
> the illuminated manuscript room.  It also has some other great Medieval
> crafts depicted.  Alas now that the reading room has moved to St.Pancreas,
> there's no stopping by there on the way to research.

That's great to know, but just one small quibble.  The BL reading room has
moved to St *Pancras* not St Pancreas.  Different Tube stop.  :-)

The British Museum also now has Elizabeth I's long-lost goldwork-on-red
velvet seal purse with the seal collection, which might not be the first
place a visitor might think to look for embroidery. 

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