HNW - medieval knitted socks,oops

Curtis & Mary ladymari at
Sat Aug 1 23:48:18 PDT 1998

Dick Eney wrote:
> I meant, the only European colored-pattern knitted sock; I am aware of the
> Egyptian and Arab blue and white patterned knitted socks!  Seeing them
> close up at the Textile Museum last year was a thrill, as I could check
> the gauge myself.
> =Tamar
> ============================================================================
> OOoooh!  And what was the gauge? and are they the same socks from Egypt that are in Rutts booK????details, details, please!  I have several skiens of handspun cotton, including two homegrown natural colors and would like to try a pair of those toe socks for my daughter that wears sandals almost year round.  Thanks. 

Mairi, Atenveldt


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