HNW - CCS means.....

Margo Lynn Hablutzel Hablutzel at
Sun Aug 2 18:12:51 PDT 1998

CCS = Counted Cross-Stitch

This apparently came into being after 1600 CE for the most part.  You see
it in samplers and the like, as a colour-fill, starting in the late 18th
Century.  (Someone will correct me if I have that date wrong!)  I do not
believe that fractional stitches and shading were used much until the
Victorian era, however.

Many SCA people like to do CCS because a lady named Teresa Wenzler has done
a number of intricate pieces with dragons, castles, and so on.

As a side note, "blackwork" in period was not always done in black on
white, although that was the most common.  Red thread was often used, and
there are examples with other colours as well, including multiple colours.

                                        ---= Margo Lynn

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