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Mon Aug 3 11:01:08 PDT 1998

Dear Margo Lynn-

Thank  you for finally explaining what people mean when they say Counted
Cross Stitch. I personally call it modern cross stitch or "needle
painting". What I (and many SCA folk do) is traditional or historical cross

The lovely thing about historical cross stitch is that you don't work with
20 to 30 colors! <BG>

BTW, counted charts certainly do show up before 1600! I'm not theonly one
on the List who has worked wiih Italian and German pattern books printed
before 1600. There is a blue man's/boy's shirt in the V&A dated to the
first quarter of the 16th century with a charming cross stitch design of
columbines. I have also seen one (ok, only one) German painting from from
the first half of the 16th century showing cross stitch being used to
decorate a chemise. 

Margaret Abegg's wonderful book "A Propos Patterns" shows a runner
embroidered in cross stitch from a pattern in Johan Sibmacher's "Schön
Neues Modelbuch" from 1597. There is long-armed cross stitch used in
heraldic motifs on copes in the V&A Museum. I'm sure any number of other
Listers here can bring up examples of cross stitch being used before 1600.
My own research shows it wasn't used that much in England or France for
clothing, but was used more for furnishings or upholstery. I don't have a
thorough grounding in Eastern European and/or Germanic uses, though-- it
may be that cross stitch there was used far more for clothing..

- --Kathryn
SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries..too little time"

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