HNW - HNK: knitting prior to 1600

Deborah Pulliam pulliam at
Mon Aug 3 14:16:39 PDT 1998

<<There are many two-colour cotton socks dating back to
the 10th Century; many 14th-century pictures of women knitting tunics and
other items with one colour or many; >>

I'm a little curious about these -- I know of some (I wouldn't say many,
exactly) two color cotton socks from Egypt (actually they're dated a bit
later, more like 12th century) -- are these the ones you're referring to?

And there's been some discussion of the knitting Madonnas -- is that what
you're referring to in the second part of the sentence? Again, I'm not sure
they qualify as "many 14-century pictures."

<<anecdotal references to knitting starting slightly prior to that and
going through 1600.>>

I've mentioned this before, but keep in mind that language changes -- the
word "knit" was used in the 15 century (and possibly earlier)  to mean
knotted or joined together, so just because the word knit is used, doesn't
mean it conveys knitting as we know it today.



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