HNW - HNW: Eleanor of Toledo's Socks and Eyesight

Kim Salazar Kim_Salazar at BayNetworks.COM
Tue Aug 4 09:42:51 PDT 1998

Dear HNW folks,

Please excuse this inquiry.  I haven't been up on the current state of
research and publication in SCA arts for many years.  

Has anyone taken the photos of the Eleanor socks from Rutt's book and
written out a set of modern notation instructions to reproduce them?  I am
sure some folks have done worked out this item for their own pleasure or as
A&S competition entries, but I'm toying with doing it for general
publication in TI or a local arts and sciences newsletter.

If someone else has published a pattern for these socks in a SCA (or
non-SCA) source, I'll turn my attention to making up an original pattern in
the same style. 

On eyesight - I had a 3-year hiatus during which I couldn't see well enough
to do my countwork, even if I stayed away from my favorite fine-weave
linens.  People who know me know what a heartbreak that was.  During that
time I continued to work on my pattern collection and taught myself to
knit.  I've (mostly) recovered, but now find myself holding my embroidery
further away (the joys of aging), and in love with knitting as my "other

I guess my contribution to the discussion is that if you enjoy working with
your hands, another art may fill your yearning to be creative.  It hurt to
leave off stitching, but if I hadn't done so I wouldn't have discovered
another joy.  Moral of the story:  If the horse one is riding proves to
disagreeable, switch horses rather than give up the journey. 

Still riding,

Kim Salazar
aka Ianthe d'Averoigne
mailto:ksalazar at
salazar at


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