HNW - Bargello questions

Cynthia J Ley cley at
Tue Aug 4 09:52:32 PDT 1998


I've been playing around with bargello of late. While I've found some
wonderful patterns, I haven't found much of historic value. I was
wondering if anyone knew about the following queries and/or had some good
books they might care to recommend.

1. When did bargello start to be used and where?
2. What was it used for? I assume that it made really neat upholsteries;
was wondering if it was ever used for accessories.
3. Was it always done in wool? Being allergic to wool, I'm doing mine in
multi-ply silk, which has a lovely result if you've never tried it. 
4. What was the ground? I'm using canvas.

I'm looking at putting together an early 1500's Italian Renaissance gown
and was curious as to whether a bargello piece would be appropriate for a

Thank you for your help.


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