HNW - HNW: Eleanor of Toledo's Socks and Eyesight

Judy Schroeder nieka at
Tue Aug 4 10:47:25 PDT 1998

Some years ago, a reproduction of Eleanora's stockings was worked out and
entered in a CAST ON magazine contest.  The woman did not win, but the
pattern and stockings were reproduced in the magazine.  I have a copy of
it all, and can look tonight to see when it was and who the person was.
THey were not an exact copy but very close.  BTW, as shown on the model's
leg, I thought they did not come up high enuf - I always thought women's
stockings came to the bend of the knee, and then were gartered there.

Melinda Shoop, who started the SCA knitting guild, had copies of this
pattern also, a year ago or so.

Nieka of Leiden

Judy Schroeder
nieka at


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