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Wed Aug 5 07:52:08 PDT 1998

At 02:01 PM 8/3/98 -0400, Kathryn wrote:
>BTW, counted charts certainly do show up before 1600! I'm not theonly one
>on the List who has worked wiih Italian and German pattern books printed
>before 1600. There is a blue man's/boy's shirt in the V&A dated to the
>first quarter of the 16th century with a charming cross stitch design of
>columbines. I have also seen one (ok, only one) German painting from from
>the first half of the 16th century showing cross stitch being used to
>decorate a chemise. 

My understanding about these early printed needlework designs (the earliest
is 1524, I believe) did not specify the type of stitches to be used (or
choose the colors). I believe that Vinciolo's book actually implies that
the designs could be used for such "diverse" techniques such as lacemaking,
reticella, and embroidery.  Basically, these designs could be (and were)
used for any type of work using an eyed needle (plus lace) that is done on
a fairly uniform grid.  (like the warp and weft of linen fabric)

I feel that viewing these lovely, old patterns solely for cross stitch
limits their potential.  I have seen the same carnation design done in the
16th/17th century with at least three different stitches plus the one that
I used to recreate it.  The various stiches/techniques each give quite a
different effect even though the same pattern appears to have been used for
all of them.

Jacquie Samples

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