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Dear Linn, 
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Best photo of a blackwork piece, if you are relying on published sources -

Textiles by The Art Institute of Chicago ISBN 0 86559 094 (softcover).>>

Thank you for the reference -- I shall see about getting a copy!

And thank you for your long discussions and specific information.  I would
love to work from the primary sources, but at the moment am limited to the
published photos of those sources.  

<<I've put 200 of the blackwork motifs in little booklets for people to use,>>

Is there some way I could order a booklet (or set ?) from you?  I have toyed
with the idea of charting more historical patterns, and have done some, but
when charting from published photos I am dependent on the photographer to have
gotten it in crisp focus, and the publisher to reproduce it large enough
(relative to the screen size of the photo) to chart. This has sadly limited
the number I've been able to reproduce.   Original sources are so much more

<<  I tend to look only at original

textiles and form some opinions of my own before I start reading other's

opinions.  Then I go to the modern literature, and back to the original

textiles. >>

I'm afreaid I am forced to skip your first step (except in regards to studying
the pictures before the text).  I have found that the modern literature is not
very good at distinguishing what is historical usage and what is modern usage,
and only the original sources  (or, often, their photos, though not always, as
in the question I started with) can show what was done then. 

Once again, thank you for bearing with me, and I would love to order a booklet
of your pattern researches.  :-)



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