HNW - Re: cost of NY bus ride - I need to know

Dick Eney dickeney at
Fri Aug 14 11:41:33 PDT 1998

On Fri, 14 Aug 1998 Seton1355 at wrote:

> I know this is off topic - sorry - but I need to know:  
> What is the cost of a New York City bus ride/subway ride?  And do you need
> tokens?
> Thanks!!  Phillipa

Last time I was there, it was about $1.50 per token.  But once on the
subway, you didn't pay extra for more distant destinations or transfers as
long as you didn't leave the subway system.  Buses I think will take exact
change if you have it, but also take tokens.  Subways have to have tokens,
but most stations have a place where you can buy them.
This may have changed in the last few months.

The Staten Island ferry is still a bargain.



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