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Sun Aug 16 20:32:54 PDT 1998

      Just got home today after a less than auspicious trip to Pennsic.  due
to unpleasant circumstances, I didn't get to attend a single class.  What a
bummer, as the class offerings were tremendous!  
     Anyway, apparently there was a class on CROCHET, and this was interesting
since the powers that be, bassed upn Paludan's research had determined that
crochet as we know it was NOT "in period" e.g. prior to 1600.  Supposedly the
presenter of the class at Pennsic provided signification documentation to
support crochet as early as the 9th C.  I'll be contacting Alys Kathryn (who
did such a splendid job of managing the A&S classes) to see about getting
ahold of the teacher and the docs.  
     Did any of you get to the class, or are you familiar with the
     Seems just when we've settled into accepting something, our cages get
rattled with something new to challenge or recently adjusted paradygms.
Yeesh!  '
     Meanwhile, my current challenge is climbing Mt. St. Laundry from 8 days
of very dirty camping in garb, plowing through the mail, and getting that
1890s copy wedding dress finished off by Labor Day Weekend!  Facing all of
this in a general state of exhaustion is indeed a challenge!  On to the
needles and pins! 
     Blessings to all!
            bets     Lady Elissa ferch Gruffydd

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