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Mon Aug 17 05:47:13 PDT 1998

<< Anyway, apparently there was a class on CROCHET, and this was interesting
 since the powers that be, bassed upn Paludan's research had determined that
 crochet as we know it was NOT "in period" e.g. prior to 1600.  Supposedly the
 presenter of the class at Pennsic provided signification documentation to
 support crochet as early as the 9th C.  I'll be contacting Alys Kathryn (who
 did such a splendid job of managing the A&S classes) to see about getting
 ahold of the teacher and the docs.   >>

Please be so kind as to post this information to the list.  I am sure that
there are many of us who find this assertion intriguing, to say the least.

Nancy (Ingivld)

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