HNW - Knitting Madonna in color

Mike Newell 72123.411 at
Mon Aug 17 07:28:35 PDT 1998

Dear  List-

I recentlymentioned that I recalled seeing a picture of that famous
Knitting Madonna (from the Buxtehude Altarpiece, p.49 in Rutt) and I found
it! It was in one of my costume books:

Boucher, Francois, "20,000 Years of Fashion",Harry N.Abrams, Inc., NY No
copyright date, but I bought it at least 20 years ago (printer and bound in
Japan, which is why maybe no date)

In my edition it's p.11,, Fig. 6, but the caption seems wrong-- they
attribute it to late 16th century. :-O

Would anyone like me to email them a scan? Charlene, is it possible
(software wise) for me to email this to the List?

- --Kathryn
SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries...too little time"

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