HNW - HNW: colors and dyes

Linn Skinner skinner02 at
Fri Aug 21 18:15:07 PDT 1998


I agree with you fully.  I see the pastels virtually only on samplers of
that period.  I think the dark rich colors were the aesthetic norm for
costume.  The wools do tend to fade and mutate much more easily than the
silks, as well as the added factor that 17th century samplers were neither
worn nor hung on walls and were thus much more light protected.

My primary period of interest is 16th/17th century as well, and the earliest
samplers do tend to lean toward dark colors and a lavish use of metal
threads but then I see the gradually more predominate use of pastels in
English samplers as time goes on.  The continental samplers continued to use
bright primary colors.

To follow design motifs, I have to become color blind and just chart
stitches, then I can reduce the stitching to design elements.



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