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Fri Aug 21 19:14:33 PDT 1998

The colors would reflect the colors in natural dyes availbale to the
spinners/dyers of the thread.

Common in Europe prior to synthetic dyes are:
woad (in the north)and indigo (south med) -blue (the color we think of as
"blue jean " " blue)
madder or ladies bedstraw- orange-red or scarlet
weld- yellow
scotch broom-yellow
weld over dyed with woad- green with a yellow cast

plus a number of other natural muted tones from plant dyeing. I can forward an
article on natural dyes in europe to whoever sends an email address to me...

Generally speaking most of these dyes fade overtime in light and washing so
the tones seen in surviving needlework can safely assume to be faded colors.
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