HNW - dyes and colors

Deborah Pulliam pulliam at
Sat Aug 22 06:48:51 PDT 1998

<<woad (in the north)and indigo (south med) -blue (the color we think of as
"blue jean " " blue)
madder or ladies bedstraw- orange-red or scarlet
weld- yellow
scotch broom-yellow
weld over dyed with woad- green with a yellow cast

plus a number of other natural muted tones from plant dyeing.>>

I think you will find that the range of colors is actually quite a bit
larger, and, as mentioned before, saturated colors, not just muted tones,
were quite common.

I can remember looking at a 17 c dye book that listed quite literally
hundreds of recipes for different colors (including one I always found
intriguing, a "cold yellow.")

Dyeing was a well developed craft with a strong guild by the 17c, and that
is reflected in the wide range of colors available in the 18c.



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