HNW - colors and dyes

Carol Thomas scbooks at
Sat Aug 22 15:43:47 PDT 1998

>Girls and young women originally did samplers under the direction of a
>teacher in order to have a record of what letters and numbers looked like,
>which they would refer to  throughout their lives when marking their
>household and personal linens.

Let me kibbitz a bit - they did that after 1600, especially in the colonial
U.S.  Before that, they did samplers as records of various stitches,
particularly since pattern books were not as easy to come by as they are
now.  The first dated signed sampler is often listed as the 1598 one by Jane
Bostocke.  I understand that dating the earlier ones, which did not have the
alphabet and numbers, names or dates, is quite difficult.  Also that they
tended to show a wide variety of stitches, as the Bostocke sampler did, not
just cross stitch as so many were later.


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