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Tue Aug 25 12:49:26 PDT 1998

Dear Robin-

<They came up with a number of lime greens, yellows,oranges and strangely
enough a lot of pink shades.  Everything from HOT HOT pink to pale
baby-pink.  Pink was much, much easier to achieve than red.>

But don't we get into the can of worms of whether something can be done is
one thing, and whether it's fashionable or desirable  is another? I've
known for years (from friends who know dyeing) that pastels were available,
as one got further along in the dye tub and the dye was weaker. That might
have been OK for peasants and poorer people, but rich people would have
wanted strong rich colors if they were in fashion at the time. The fact
that red was so hard to achieve(unless you use cochineal or murex or other
expensive dyestuffs) made it highly expensive and desireable.

Just about every piece of Assisi work I've personally seen or seen in color
plates in books is done with red silk on linen.  Does this say something??

- --Kathryn
SCA: Kathryn Goodwyn
"too many centuries..too little time"

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