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>But don't we get into the can of worms of whether something can be done is
>one thing, and whether it's fashionable or desirable  is another? I've
>known for years (from friends who know dyeing) that pastels were available,
>as one got further along in the dye tub and the dye was weaker. That might
>have been OK for peasants and poorer people, but rich people would have
>wanted strong rich colors if they were in fashion at the time. The fact
>that red was so hard to achieve(unless you use cochineal or murex or other
>expensive dyestuffs) made it highly expensive and desireable.

True, I am not argueing that.  However, not everyone was rich.  The majority
of the population was not.  Rich people may set fashion, but everyone else
still has to wear it.  My personna is Merchant-Class and would have had access
to a rich hot pink before a deep red.  Princess Diana may have had a full
wardrobe of Haute-coture dresses from big name designers, but I still shop at
Foleys (or other off-the-rack stores) and I bet you do too.  The rich minority
may have had seamstresses but most people had to make their own clothes.
- -Robin

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