HNW - dyes and colors

Lynn Downward downward at
Wed Aug 26 10:16:26 PDT 1998

>Dear Robin-
>< The rich minority may have had seamstresses but most people had to make
>their own clothes.>
>Sorry-- I was working from the assumpton that *most*  SCA folk I know
>(myself  included) have aristocratic persona. When I see people make garb
>or enter garb in contests, it tends to spiffy upper class stuff. These days
>(I joined 25 years ago) that may  not be the case, it's just been my
>personal experience (so far).
>SCA:  Kathryn Goodwyn
>"too many centuries...too little time"

And you were making the assumption that this is an SCA listing.  Not all of
us on this list are SCA members.



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