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Thu Aug 27 17:09:36 PDT 1998

Hello to Elaine who has just discovered the joys of tablet weaving!

<< Any recommendations for a starting point (books for beginners, supplies,
 etc.) would be very much appreciated. >>

There are a couple of books to start with - Candace Crockett's "Card Weaving"
and Peter Collingwood's "Techniques of Tablet Weaving".  Crockett's is the
best for beginners while Collingwood's will give you more technical advice
than you ever thought possible.

There are two tablet weaving electronic lists.  The SCA website is while the TWIST site is  TWIST, by the way, is Tablet Weavers International
Studies and Techniques, an international group of tablet weavers that get a
brilliant newsletter of 24+ pages three times a year for only $10 (what a
bargain!).  For information, contact Janis Saunders at janis at 

If you can tell me where you live, we (TWIST) do have area reps that would be
happy to help you.  

Welcome to tablet weaving!  

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