HNW - Medieval Dyes

Dick Eney dickeney at
Fri Aug 28 13:05:48 PDT 1998

On Fri, 28 Aug 1998, Ghislaine Fontanneau wrote:

> Speaking of dyes and stuff....At a garage sale I was lucky enough to 
> score some drapes in a lovely woven-in pomegranite pattern.  
> Unfortunately, they are hiddeous (in my opinion) colors.  Can someone 
> give me advice on 1. finding out the fiber content of the material, 2. 
> washing it/preping it to be dyed, etc. 

It all depends on the fiber content.  If it's slick and shiny, and a bit
stiff, it may be fiberglass - sorry.  If it's not fiberglass, you have a
better chance.  It's possible that using Color Remover would work.  That
supposedly removes almost all dyes.  At least it would fade them, and
sometimes that's enough to help. 



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