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Fri Aug 28 14:53:56 PDT 1998


<< the author suggested tying one end of the work to your belt and the other
to a doorknob if you did not have a loom.  This works, but you have to finish
the piece or
 you will never get your tension back right.  

You are absolutely right about that.  And the phone also rings as soon as
you're hooked up or nature calls or whatever!

<<Also, don't use yarn.  It doesn't slide well through the cards, it stretches
unevenly and the weaving is too thick.   

Yes, using wool for your first tablet weaving can be very discouraging as it
does not form a clean shed, for starters.  The best things to use are tightly
spun cottons, and for a silky look, perle cottons are great.

<<My card weaving days are over until I get a loom..  :-(

But this can be as simple as 2 large C-clamps on a board!  I use that;  I also
use boards with pegs at each end;  I also have a Viking 6 foot long band loom.
All of them work just terrifically.  You do not need to wait to buy a loom
specifically for tablet weaving!  One nice thing about a long board and c-
clamps or pegs is that you can stand the whole thing in the corner when you're
not using it.

Happy Weaving!
Nancy (Ingvild)

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