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I believe the full name of the place is Dharma Trading Co. and the website

I just went and checked the site to be sure I had it correctly.  You can
order a catalog or browse online.

BTW, when doing prairie/ranch recreation, we're pretty far out from town. 
In reality, you might not see another human, if you lived on the range, but
a couple times a year.  If you missed something on a town run, you did
without for six months or a year, so learning what native plants could be
used how, and planting your own dye garden with the vegetables and other
edibles and the medicinal herbs, could be important.

One reason I like doing this kind of re-creation -- women were VERY
self-sufficient in those days, by necessity and not choice.  I get to do a
lot more than the "town girls" did.

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